viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012


From Friday 21th to 24th of September, the citizens  of Barcelona welcome the beginning of autumn with the  Mercè great festival, the most important and remarkable  event of the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona prepares a combination of  entertainment that you cannot  miss out:  from open-air mega-concerts as well as  small performances and activities scattered  to every spot and corner of the city.
It is massive festival in which all Barcelonese from all walks of life without exception gather together at the public parks and gardens,  public squares, and else. Streets are transformed in scenarios full of fantasy, creativity and on the streets takes place a display of the most traditional, cultural, artistic values. You look forward for days of uninterrupted festivities, with a program combining catalonian popular art, culture and tradition.

You will enjoy :
  1. Barcelona  acciò musical (Barcelona musical action): a discovery of new talents and new sounds.
  2. Barcelona arts de carrer: with the artists in front of the street audience.
  3. La festa de la tradicciò: traditions such as : castellers (human towers), capgrossos y gegants (human driven giant dummies), in full gear and traditional costumes and accompanied by guest from other Mediterranean countries.
  4. La festa al cel: acrobatic gathering and flying performance of globes, ultralight planes, and all sort of flying devices.
  5. La festa del foc: fireworks of all sorts, pyromusical show, as well as a correfoc (a moving firework dragon).
All the activities involved are free of charge and as usual, every year a twin city around the world is invited as guest.


This festival happens only once a year and you cannot miss out on this great and unique festival!!!

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