viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012


Enjoy the de major festival of Gràcia district in Barcelona!!
The gràcia district major festival starts on the 15th of August, it the most long-awaited-for festival of the city of Barcelona.

It is a an artistic and popular festival in which activities are performed on the streets and squares of the district and its neighbourhoods, all decorated for the occasion.

The “Graciencs” (it how the inhabitants of Gràcia district are called), traditionally most of them being students and artists, as well as families dedicate months designing and preparing it all and compete and endeavour to get the prize for the best decorated street. The result is one of best decorated, lively, and enjoyable popular festivals seen out of all celebrated during the year round. It includes open-air live street concerts, parades, floats, artistic workshops, etc.

Gràcia is a district which always fashionable and trendy, unique in Barcelona due to its character reflected by name of its many streets such as: freedom street, fraternity street, equality street, John Lennon square, revolution square, the very district name GRÀCIA” means FUN, AMUSEMENT, LOVILINESS, GRACE, ETC.

The atmosphere created on the streets generates a great range of sensations. People enjoy themselves from their balconies and windows as they have a drink as the parades and live music concerts  and dances take place in almost each street.

The “castellers” perform their renown human castles, the acrobats, the giants characters  and the disguised performers rove the streets, and at night, the streets are illuminated by fireworks and firecrackers lighted by “the diabillos” (little devils).

At night you can enjoy you can enjoy the festival in the open : listen to live music, watch the fireworks alongside the district locals and people from all over the city, the whole city of Barcelona head to gràcia to be part of the festival.
Don´t think twice, come to Barcelona and live the tradition of gràcia!!!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to find out what the festivals in Barcelona are all about!!! 
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